Frequently Asked Questions


How does The Armourie work?

The Armourie provides custom rental ensembles, decorations, and party favors for the modern party, including bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and baby showers.

How it works:

  1. Create your custom package by choosing ensembles for each member of your party. Add decorations and party favors as you need them.

  2. We’ll ship everything in one package directly to your party, or to a prearranged date and location. If some members of your party want to receive their ensembles separately, just let us know and we’ll arrange special shipping.

  3. Rock your party!!

  4. Send back ensembles using the return envelopes included in your package, no need to wash or clean. Keep decorations and party favors. Shipping is easy both ways.

What size range is available?

  • We offer sizes XS to XXL (0 to 16). If you don’t see something that works for you, Contact Us and we’ll create a custom offering just for you.

What happens if someone in my party cancels? Or someone joins last minute?

  • Not a problem! You can update your order online until 14 days before your party. Have a last minute change of plans? Send us an email and we’ll work to accommodate, although rush shipping fees may apply.

Is shipping & handling included in my price?

  • Shipping and handling is NOT included in the price of each ensemble, decoration, or our party favors. We will calculate S&H depending on the size and location of your party, and on the number of shipments you request.

Can I ship my package to more than one location, so that members of my party have the option to receive their ensemble early or separately?

  • Yes! Just let us know and we can arrange special shipping.

Why do you use USPS?

  • USPS is actually the fastest and least expensive option when it comes to small packages (as compared to UPS or FedEx, which are more expensive). While every method has its limitations (no package redirects, for example), it helps us to deliver you package faster and more economically than all other alternatives. Upon shipping notification, your package should be delivered within 2-5 business days, so please let us know if you experience service outside of that window.

Do you ship internationally?

  • No, unfortunately at this time we are unable to fulfill international orders.

How do I return ensembles?

  • Pack all ensembles into our pre-paid, pre-labeled return envelopes and mail within 5 days of your party. No need to clean or wash. Decorations and party favors are yours to keep. Did someone accidentally leave the party with her ensemble? We’ll email you with a digital link to your return labels in addition to including physical copies in your package - just forward and ask her to return separately.

What happens if I accidentally damage an item?

  • We’ll cover normal wear and tear, including minor stains and damage. If an item is damaged beyond repair, the fee is the retail price of the item. If an item is never returned, the fee is double the retail price of the item.

Can I keep an item?

  • Yes! If you love an item it is yours to keep, for up to 50% off retail price. We’ll include a pricing menu in your package for each item in your ensembles.

Do I need to clean my ensemble before returning?

  • No. We dry clean all ensembles after use.