Our Story…

This summer we threw a warrior-themed bachelorette party in Banff, Canada. We wanted to do something different, celebrate our strength, and have fun along the way.

Of course we had a blast, but we also felt unexpectedly empowered by the love and support that came our way from total strangers.

It was a party like no other, and an incredible bonding experience. Most importantly, it was a timely reminder of the respect and camaraderie powerful women can inspire together.

We created The Armourie to enable other women to celebrate their inner strength, one party at a time.


Our mission is to empower and evolve the way women celebrate each other.

We believe in the power of female friendships, and that women should celebrate their strength.

We believe strength comes from within and from the experiences and partnerships we make in life.

We believe a little fun goes a long way, and even the smallest actions amount to big change.


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